This red Mazda CX-5 has paint scuffs along the side edge of the bumper and headlight, the colour is Soul Red, this is what’s known as a multi-layer finish, consisting of 2 different colours combined to give it’s effect, the first layer is a pinkish silver that is blended in, then a transparent red is applied over the top of it and finally clear-coated, this kind of finish is also known as candy apple, when you are looking at it in the sun you see through the top layers to the metallic underneath, this gives the colour great depth.

The damaged bumper paint is repaired and looks great, there was some slight damage around the top edge where it joins the front panel, but was easily repaired with some heat and a file, the multi-layers were applied and the colour matches good, this can be a problem sometimes as the amount of re that is applied over the silver changes the tone of the colour, not enough red makes it look light and orange looking , but too much makes it look dark red, the trick is to spray test cards to see how many coats to apply to balance the colour, the headlight just needed a light sand and polish, all in all the job came out nice.


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