If you are not sure how the Bumper repairs are carried out. Please look at some of the bumper repair videos below. As well, there is a Nissan X-trail headlight restoration before and after video.

White Pearl Subaru Forester Repair

This is a white pearl multilayer bumper paint repair. White pearls are a popular choice of colour. A lot of manufacturers are bringing them out in most models. Some even use two different colours on the same model. but it is sold as a premium paint finish, compared to a standard white. The term multilayer is used to describe this because 3 different types of layers are needed to be applied. Giving the paint finish its unique appearance. Firstly, a white ground coat is applied. Secondly, the transparent pearl coasts. Finally, the clear-coat layers. For a better understanding of the layers being applied, try this video.

Toyota Landcruiser rear bumper paint repair.

In this video I repair a beige metallic rear bumper.

Kia Sorento sport, White Pearl Multi-layer bumper paint repair procedure.

Unlike the other bumper repair videos, this one just shows the steps involved doing a white Pearl multilayer


Mazda Soul Red, Multi- layer bumper paint repair


Toyota lexus RX-400, how the bumper dents are repaired.


Nissan X-trail, headlight restoration

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