Hyundai i30 cracked bumper

A cracked bumper repair does not always have to be replaced. The crack at the top of this bumper was about 150mm long. It was being held open by the dent under it. firstly, heat re-shaping was used to remove the dent. Most of it came out clean but did need to be filed in a couple of places. Next, it was time to tackle the crack by plastic welding the internal side. This is very important to make it as strong as possible. The next step was to weld the outer crack and re-shape it as straight as possible. Flexible filler was then put over the cracked plastic repair and sanded. This finished the repair process.

After the initial repair process, it was just a matter of putting the bumper back on and doing the paintwork.

The cracked bumper repair came out brilliant, which made the customer very happy.

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Cracked rear bumper after being repaired by All About Bumpers. Cracked rear bumper before being repaired by All About Bumpers.


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