We repair damaged bumper bars.

Scuffs, scratches and dent damage can not only reduce the appearance of your vehicle but also significantly affect its resale value. Rather than wasting money on an expensive complete bumper replacement, you can now restore your bumper to excellent condition with our bumper repair service

With over 30 years’ experience in the motor vehicle repair industry, we have the experience needed to perform professional bumper repairs.

Bumper repair and bumper scuff restoration are the most cost-effective and quickest method in comparison to using traditional body shops, with most repairs completed in just hours instead of days, and all done at your home.


How are Bumpers repaired?

Most Bumper Plastic is made from Polypropylene, or more commonly known as PP, it is a type of plastic that is classed as Thermoplastic, which basically means it softens when heated to a certain temperature. Therefore, it can be heated and reshaped and plastic welded.

Once repaired the paint code is taken from the vehicle, and the bumper is refinished back to the original manufacturers colour, using a high-quality Automotive paint system, exactly as it would be in a traditional Body shop.

How much do bumper repairs cost?

This is a very common question, unfortunately, there are no set prices for bumper repairs. therefore, you would need a quote. with so many variables such as, where is the bumper damaged? What type of damage, scratches, scuffs dents or cracks? What type of colour it is, solid, metallic or pearl? Where are you located?

All these factors affect how long the repair is going to take. Also how much materials will be needed to complete the bumper repairs, please call 0423923272 to book a no-obligation free quote, or head to our contact page and email some pictures and description.

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