This is a pretty classic type of repair carried out by us, the driver of the vehicle turned whilst reversing out of the garage and hit the door frame, it consists of a paint scrape on the edge of the front guard panel and bumper side, as well as a large dent in the bumper bar, the colour is solid white.

To carry out the repair the bumper needed to be disconnected from the guard panel for access to the back of the dent, it was heated, pushed out and re-shaped, there was also some distortion where the paint is scraped off near the guard edge, this was repaired without the need for body filler, the entire corner bumper section was repainted and the guard paint was touched-up and blended, it came out really nice and as you can see from the comment bellow, Allen was very happy with the results.


All About bumpers, Mitsubishi Pajero bumper dent before repair All About Bumpers, Mitsubishi Pajero bumper dent after repair


Celeste & Allan @ Tascott · May 10, 2019 at 4:14 am

We were referred to this company by an auto paint supplier, for front bumper and mudguard repairs, Dean carried out the repairs most pleasingly, going the extra yard to achieve a professional finish, and great care taken at all times, we are very pleased in all aspects. His costings being most unpretentious at about 10% of that quoted by a smash repair shop.
We invited Dean to come back and do some touchup and repairs to another vehicle, and again he went the extra yard for a professional finish. This tradesman is very good! Thank you Dean, we highly recommend you

    allaboutbumpers · May 10, 2019 at 7:07 am

    Thanks Allan I am glad you were happy with my service.

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